buy college essays onlineIt’s all about fun family times with Old Game Machine. Designed to fit perfectly in any residential home, it is perfect for all home owners. Add a touch of fun in a commercial space with a Game Machine, to keep customers entertained. With over 600 popular 80’s games, childhood memories will be revived. Bring the arcade to your home or shop, and share the fun and laughter with family and friends, only with Old Game Machine. We are Malaysia No.1 Design Old game Machine.

Old game machine is inspired by an arcade game machine, from a brilliant idea to becoming a legend.

2014 : Not a single machine was sold.

2015 : Sold 23 units in a furniture expo (Annual sale of more than 100 units)

2016 : Having 15 dealers, selling globally via Amazon. Own OGMdesign and manufacturing of arcade machines, reported in local media   (Malaysian newspaper, The Star).

Own OGM design and manufacturing of arcade machines, reported in local media (Malaysian newspaper, The Star).Do you know how Mr Tai, the founder did that?

He is an old item and antique collector. Through the introduction of a friend, he bought an old modified arcade machine (Astro city) imported from Japan. He was super excited having it at home, playing his favourite games with his kids, like Street Fighter, PAC man, Snow Brother and others, establishing a stronger bonding among themselves. At that time, he had an idea which is to bring the same happiness to every kid and their father.

It was also a business opportunity. Hence OGM was established!There were different kinds of challenges he had to face. At the beginning stage, no one thinks that this business can last and no one is willing to keep a unit at home. None sold in the first 7 month. He got loan from a bank to start up this business and it was chasing him to recollect debts. On top of that, he had to learn how to service the machines and also various pressure to sustain the business.

He did not give up. No matter how far the buyer was, he will deliver the machine to its doorstep personally to save on delivery fees. From Semenyih to Penang and back (about 8 hours journey). Moving the 65kg machine himself. There was once he used two hours to move one unit up to second floor. But he did not give up. This is the most memorable experience.His determination, willingness to change, hardworking, support from his network and partners have helped him to achieve his ultimate result within 2 years!Our vision in OGM is to bring happiness to every family through arcade machines, becoming sweet memories of every child and father.